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Why do people hate hipsters?
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Re: Why do people hate hipsters?

Mu Mu wrote:
DevastatorJr. wrote:
...I live in NYC, and when I wade through the bridge and tunnel troglodytes from the suburbs and New Jersey here to wasted on a Friday night...

I can't help but feel snobby and superior. Must we all live on the level of the lowest common denominator?

So I'm to assume you've never been wasted?

Or, is it that you never travel to a destination to get wasted?

I dont understand?

The problem is you would lump me and a host of others in to you're "feelings of snobby and superior" if you didn't know us and saw us out.

Well, I guess you're right about the superiority thing. I've been wasted myself on many an occasion, I think I just have an aversion to displays of pack mentality and macho aggression, you know, like when drunk dudes shout "Owwhoooo!" We call that the call of the mild.

Nov 19, 2011, 00:46


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