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Why do people hate hipsters?
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Re: Why do people hate hipsters?

BOTE_ wrote:
microbehunter wrote:
BOTE_ wrote:
This board is full of wannabe hipsters, either in tone or false arrogance.

As opposed to a sex-starved creep hanging with teenagers on a Marilyn Manson board. Never had a girlfriend, baldy's only friend is his mum .... and even she feels a little uneasy....

Learn how to read. I said I'm speaking as somebody with hair. Plenty of adults like music heavier than Tortoise and Bon Jovi. lol But hey..continue to be an asshole.

Considering some people on this board might not have hair, or might shave it as a choice, it seems pretty arrogant of you (a person with hair) to start a thread about it.

Nov 19, 2011, 20:24


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