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Hito's Thoughtful Insight
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Re: Hito's Thoughtful Insight

GaryB2 wrote:
We should be able to separate the art from the artist.

I quite agree. Have you ever had that experience, though, where something (whatever) caused you to alter your first evaluation, considered opinion, or enjoyment of some work of Art because of some change in your appreciation of the Artist?

Cause and effect, in either direction. A work of Art that changes your estimation of the Artist.

My mother and her sisters used to tell the story, when my grandmother was around to be chagrined by the telling, about the time when they were young teenagers and their mother was complaining about the evils of Rock 'n' Roll, as she often did, and especially about that ridiculous, devilish, hip swiveling ELVIS!

She went on and on about it, as many mothers did in those days. "Why, Elvis can't even SING!" She would say. "Caterwaulin! That's all it is!" One day, upon hearing a golden voiced singer on the radio, she said, "Now THERE is a singer!"

Referring to 'Old Shep,' the classic folk song the golden voice was singing, and pointing at the radio with righteous conviction and certainty of irrefutable vindication, she said, "And that's a SONG!"

"Now THAT'S the kind of SONG and that's the kind of SINGER that you GIRLS ought to be LISTENING to! Not some gyrating FOOL like ELVIS!"

Well, you probably already guessed, it was Elvis singing 'Old Shep' on the radio. She didn't even believe it at first! Grandma was really ticked off by the sniggering reaction she hat gotten from her girls, rather than the respectful 'yes, momma' she had expected.

But Grandma actually, gradually, became a fan of Elvis, because a sudden revelation overcame her previously unapproachable prejudice. A REAL fan! Not just of his Gospel music, new and unexpected at the time, but of (almost) everything he sang!

Nov 28, 2011, 00:39


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