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Hito's Thoughtful Insight
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Harold Bissonette
Harold Bissonette
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Re: Hito's Thoughtful Insight

hito wrote:
mikka000 wrote:
definitely can separate the artist from the music.

What if they were really bad? Take Charles Manson, would you listen to his albums? Would you pay money for them if you knew her was going to get some of it? Now obviously he is an extreme case but I think it gives some food for thought. If somebody was an obvious concoction of the music industry, does that not affect your judgement at all? And what about people like Jamiroquai singing about an emergency on planet earth whilst driving a ferrari? Of course, you may dislike him already but if you were inclined to like his songs and lyrics, would you not be a little bit miffed about his Ferrari?

It can nag away a bit with me if I've read unpleasant things about an artist. I've read quite a lot of music biographies (recurring theme in practically all of them - artists get badly messed about/ripped off by management/record companies). And, yes, it can be hard to listen to the music in quite the same way afterwards. Glad I was never a Gary Glitter fan in the first place!

Nov 30, 2011, 11:18


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