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Hito's Thoughtful Insight
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Re: Hito's Thoughtful Insight

Charles Manson albumÖ..that would be a trip. Iíd probably pick up a used copy for the sole reason of it probably being extremely strange.

This reminds me of this bizarre album my best friend bought me a few years ago after we watched a rather unsettling documentary about the Jim Jones massacre. Itís the recordings of the mass suicides set to ambient music. Itís unlistenable as itís only 2 or 3 extremely long tracks, but I could see one of them finding its way into a mix if it were shorter.

One artist that Iíve had trouble with for similar reasons is Nina Simone. Like a lot of people I was completely enamored when I first heard her and bought a bunch of albums. That voice! Later on I read an interview from some Canadian publication that took place at her home in rural France a few years before she died. She went on this horrible rant about how much she hates homosexuals and if she could she would line them all up and shoot them herself. I guess sheíd also shoot her shotgun at the neighboring children playing outside while she was practicing her piano. I still enjoy a random track now and then, but itís just never been the same.

Nov 30, 2011, 19:02


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