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Best music of 2011
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Re: Best music of 2011

hito wrote:
Love "The Classical". I am not always a fan of swearing but Smith says "fuck face" better than most. Great alliteration.

So, do they change much? Are they still good?

The stuff I have (hex, Nations, Perverted) seem to have a similar style but slight changes in production and such. They seem to sit somewhere around This Heat, Beefheart, Butthole Surfers, Pavement and Dead Kennedys to a lesser extent.

The Fall are "always different, always the same" (John Peel).

Up to 1986 and Bend Sinister, they didn't really put a foot wrong IMO. The albums from 86-96 (mid period Fall) have a more polished sound and are a bit 'weedy' in places. From Levitate (97) things got interesting. The guitars grew sharp teeth and they began to experiment with electronics.

The biggest change in the late period is MES's voice. The lyrical dexterity of the early tunes is gone, replaced by a snarl/drunken drawl. Perhaps he should get back on the amphetamine and ditch the whiskey.

Opinion on the later releases is divided. A great purchase would be the Complete Peel Sessions Box, which spans everything up to 2004.

Dec 12, 2011, 08:53


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