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Music by us
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Mars Rover
Mars Rover
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Re: Music by us

unovis wrote:
Mars Rover wrote:
i am embarrassed because i mixed those songs all in my super awesome headphones and today i listened to them for the first time on the computer speakers and they sound like shite!!!!!

mars- you shouldn't rely on mixing stuff with headphones- it'll never sound the same when played through speakers... also- it's always a good idea that when you're happy with how something is mixed- take it around to listen to on several different stereos. it's surprising how different your mixes will sound on various stereos...
and listen to it quietly to make sure you can hear everything...

yeah- i'm a bit of a recording geek. i get it from my bandmate jeremy. we have a studio together- 1" 16 track tape, computer running digital performer, and we recently got a 24 track 2" studer that we're fixing up. the brasilia LP was recorded/mixed on the 16 track...

Yes, i should have known better. Thanks for the tips. i noticed my mixes sound better in my car than in my home stereo too.

Sounds like a good set up you got there. We're a low budget operation. i record all of the intruments on a Boss 4-track, then rip them into a Vegas 7 program where they can be manipulated. The final mix is done on Wave Pad. Its all pretty easy. Wish i had a 24 track!

Jan 14, 2009, 10:07


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