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Can/will Obama win a second term?
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Re: de fault

Psi-Phi wrote:
Psi-Phi wrote:
In the meantime, look it up. Riots. Fistfights. Gunfights. Murder. Mayhem. Malaise.

It all happened in 1979. Carter was President. I know whereof I speak. I was there, and I wrote about it all then, while it was happening.

Before I make it back to my office, here are just a few episodes from the summer of 1979, (during the latter part of the Carter Administration, for those who are just tuning in) published in Time Magazine:

In suburban Bethesda, Md., Texaco Station Owner Robert Cooke was tired of the hassle. He had watched fistfights in the lines and been offered bribes by motorists seeking short cuts. 'Women have offered to go in the back room with me. Once a guy cut in line, and a woman went up and tried to pull him out of his car. Sometimes you wonder if the money you make is worth all this.'

Two murders had resulted from gas brawls in that borough (NYC.) Andrew Medosa, 22, was shot and killed at an Amoco station, according to police, by Dennis Resales, 23, after their two cars collided as each tried to switch into a different gas line.

Fritz Boutain, 29, got into a fight with an unidentified assailant after their two cars bumped at a Shell station. The other man pulled a knife, stabbed Boutain fatally, and fled.

In Braintree, Mass., Sunoco Station Manager Bruce Weir was laboring over his books at 6:15 a.m. 'I saw a fellow pull up to the pump in a late model Chevy Malibu and I went out and knocked at the window and I said, 'I'm sorry, sir, we don't sell gas till 7.' I started back and got two steps from the door when I felt a big bang on my left leg. I grabbed my leg. Below me was a bottle of Heineken's, half full. Now I walk

There is a great deal more. But it will have to wait. Or maybe I'll just 'give it a rest' as Mu Mu suggests, and move on to other topics. Unless of course, popular demand (or my own ego interests) compel me to comment further.

These are the type of random events that can occur without Presidential mismanagement. To prove that widespread murder and 'riots' occurred you are going to need a lot more references. A comparison of crime rates before, during, and after the gas crisis would help your cause. Considering the high rate of inner city murder that has occurred in the U.S over the past fifty years, common sense would tell me that gas line murders are beyond trivial.

Dec 20, 2011, 17:48


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