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Can/will Obama win a second term?
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Re: de fault

matthew6 wrote:
Considering the high rate of inner city murder that has occurred in the U.S over the past fifty years, common sense would tell me that gas line murders are beyond trivial.

Thank you. Here, at last, is an observation that touches on my own contemporaneous perspective! At the time all this was actually going on, what I wrote and published in my weekly newspaper focused on the irony that Riots, Fistfights, Gunfights, Murder and Mayhem were such typically (almost Cliche) "American" (cultural) responses to 'crisis' (inconvenience) that EVERYTHING was made 'beyond trivial' and therefore, beyond resolution, beyond EVER being 'fixed.'

Because the MEANING of what was actually going on at every level was being LOST in the Soap Opera aspects being spoon fed to the People (Voters, Public, Masses, whatever they might be called) by the Media and the Powers That Be.

(Very convenient for the PTB.) The proverbial Frog, which might leap out of the pot if thrown suddenly into hot water, complacently enjoys the comfort of gradually warming water (until it boils to death.)

The Problem perpetuates itself and multiplies, consolidates power, increases its stranglehold, widens its swath of destruction and grows like a deadly cancerous tumor without detection, because there is no pain until the very end, and then it's too late.

matthew6 wrote:
These are the type of random events that can occur without Presidential mismanagement. To prove that widespread murder and 'riots' occurred you are going to need a lot more references. A comparison of crime rates before, during, and after the gas crisis would help your cause.

Well, thanks again. In order to establish a foundation for the Points I wanted to make in this Topic, I made a few simple statements of fact, of which I am a contemporaneous witness, along with millions of others. Not to mention Time, Life, and Newsweek magazines, and all the other major news outlets of that era, including newspapers, radio and television. I myself wrote analytical articles and essays about these facts and the sociological, psychological, political and personal effects and consequences of these 'current events' while they were ongoing. The themes of personal, public and political moral decay way back then, resonate with the here and now. Mainly because it's the same now as it was then, only worse.

Dec 21, 2011, 06:40


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