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Can/will Obama win a second term?
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Re: de fault

cyberpainter wrote:
Maybe your word mayhem had a meaning to me that was not intended, I think of it as total destructive chaos, but you may not have meant a widespread destructive force.

Yes! That's it. Localized, episodic, spontaneous, more the mayhem of bank robberies than the chaos of anarchy that topples governments. Nonetheless, it happened so often in so many cities that it was alarming to most Americans at the time, and seemed like a harbinger of doom to many others, even the beginning of the end of the world as we know it to a frightened few. (Hmmmm!)

cyberpainter wrote:
You put that one sentence in there sandwiched between your assessment of Carter, threading them together.

Yes. I confessed already to leaving out that period. Mayhem ensued. (Punctuation matters!)

Cyberpainte wrote:
And that Carter "lowered the prestige and perceived political power of the US"...

Well, yes. Experiments never 'fail.' They merely have an 'outcome.' In my opinion, the results of many of Carter's experiments exacerbated the very problems he (may have) hoped to solve. (The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.)

Cyberpainte wrote:
The hawks think they have a good formula, but hopefully there are other ways.

V.O.T.E. -(Victory Only Through Education) has been the Masthead Motto for over 30 years of "Friends of Freedom and Justice," (one of my Constitutional educational publications.) We are dedicated to the proposition that the Ballot Box is in all ways superior to the Bullet Box.

A Republic requires an informed electorate in order to remain a (True) Republic. Without that, it can all too easily become an Evil Empire.

Dec 21, 2011, 15:53


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