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Can/will Obama win a second term?
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Re: de fault

Psi-Phi wrote:
The Vote of each Voter by Right must be equal.

JS wrote:
Yes, all men are equals, One man one vote: that's the fair thing to do. If someone can't vote, it's unfair, or so they say.

Well, is it really fair when the voice of an educated and cultivated person is not worth more than the voice of an illiterate dropout?

Elections must be Fair and Legitimate to have any real Value. A safe and secure Ballot is an absolute necessity. Candidates and Voters alike must be qualified according to some set of rules that are recognizably fair and legitimate.

Citizenship would usually be a valid criterion, it seems to me. Literacy, less so. Depending on a multitude of civil and cultural circumstances, requirements should be established somewhere short of whether a person is 'educated' or 'cultivated' because who is going to be the authority to decide that?

Tyrants value the illusion of Democracy. Only one Party, one Candidate, and mandatory voting have been part of 'elections' in totalitarian nations for decades. Mao, Stalin, Idi Amin, all butchers with a 'mandate' from 'the people' to 'govern.'

In countries where elections are somewhat more 'legitimate' rigging the outcome is much more difficult, as may be demonstrated by comparing current efforts by Putin to, say, Khrushchev.

In the United States, stealing elections by establishing the 'rules' is a favorite sport amongst the Powers That Be. Disenfranchising certain groups and authorizing whole blocks of others is an effective tactic. Vote Farms, set up along the lines of patronage is another.

Gerrymandering, which is redrawing the lines of congressional districts to favor one party over another by ensuring a majority is also quite a sport. One district in Houston is famous known as "the corkscrew."

The most powerful method of stealing elections is the electronic voting machine. I believe it was Lenin - maybe Stalin - who remarked that the Voter was less important to the election outcome than the Vote Counter. Or something like that.

Dec 27, 2011, 15:47


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