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Can/will Obama win a second term?
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Re: Some thoughts

hito wrote:
Perhaps democracy is not such a good idea. Asking all people to vote about matters that require a PhD level of knowledge is objectively illogical. I am not saying that voting should be eliminated but I am asking people to consider what it means. The idea of a voting licence could logically lead to most people being eliminated from the electoral roll as few would have the necessary knowledge required to make informed decisions on the range of complex matters controlled by government.
So where does that leave us? I don't know

People are not all smart, including our elected representatives. But they do represent us now don't they? Highly educated or not, they represent our needs and opinions of the day. We don't vote on matters except for our state propositions, we generally vote for people. They have platforms which are fairly simple as they've been simplified for quick and easy understanding. We have plenty of representatives who are not all that bright. It's perhaps a tragedy, but only of humanity, not of the defects in democracy. The complex issues are worked on by the people behind the scenes, there are plenty with brains and knowledge who suss out the details. You think our congressmen pour over the details?

Dec 30, 2011, 04:19


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