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Can/will Obama win a second term?
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Re: Some thoughts

CP People are not all smart, including our elected representatives.

That is my point. If you were going to invent a complex device such as a TV, would you rely on voters or politicians? No; experts

CP But they do represent us now don't they?

No. Not me. They represent powerful interests and follow an economic model. The represent the will of the people in so far as they don't wish to displease the majority. Government is basically a mix of economic expertise and popular thinking.

CP They have platforms which are fairly simple as they've been simplified for quick and easy understanding.

They have been simplified to appeal to swinging voters and to appeal to the uneducated.

CP It's perhaps a tragedy, but only of humanity, not of the defects in democracy.

It is a tragedy of democracy if democracy is chosen as your system of govt. I am not advocating other models but a dictatorship - for example - could overcome this problem.

CP The complex issues are worked on by the people behind the scenes, there are plenty with brains and knowledge who suss out the details.

Agreed. But they are not always listened to if their view is unpopular or displeases those who make financial contributions to a political party.

CP You think our congressmen pour over the details?

Sadly no. And yet they vote for or against laws they know little or nothing about. Take pollution as an example.

Dec 30, 2011, 09:26


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