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Can/will Obama win a second term?
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Re: Can/will Obama win a second term?

cyberpainter wrote:
I'm not laughing.

Do you think *I* think it's funny? I don't.
I think it's humorous. (But it ain't funny.)

and0rod4 wrote:
i mean i think obama is great and all. i rec that pic was a fake.

Nope. Not a fake. (That's why it ain't funny.)
Both the Clinton and Obama photos are real, actual, original, and unaltered. (Well, except for cropping and sizing. I mean unphotoshopped.)

Here is one of the original photos:

Here is another one from the same photo session (Published 2008 in (The London) Daily Mail):


And another:

Are you so prejudiced and intolerant that you cannot allow photographs of Obama in his youth engaging in family activities that make him happy and proud? What's wrong with you people?

Jan 01, 2012, 01:29


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