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Who is Mitt Romney?!
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Re: Who is Mitt Romney?!

Psi-Phi wrote:
cyberpainter wrote:

Yes. A poignant memoir of racism in America.

But quite beside the point. So is the undeniable fact that some people blindly hate Obama solely on the basis of race.

I cannot be counted among those blind haters, and the squeamy Donald Chump does not represent me, either, but those things are also beside the point.

No, I never said you hated him, however you're the one who keeps writing about his legitimacy.

Psi-Phi wrote:
The Race Card is a Trump card, however, played by those who cannot stand to engage in any honest debate about undeniable facts that form the basis of legitimate questions about the legitimacy of Obama at several levels.

Tedious verbosity does not equal accuracy. I'm engaging you. Your "facts" are far from undeniable. But you're too much of a windbag to debate with for any length of time. Talking about a "race card" is easy for anyone to say, but doesn't really apply in this discussion. You're questioning Obama's legitimacy as president, bringing up his mother as a slut, and that he has a different father. You've brought up other smears on Obama in the past, the photo of him in a turban from the right winger site. The 'appearance' anyway, looks surprisingly bigoted for a Stereolab forum. Perhaps you're confusing this place with some teabagger fest?

Psi-Phi wrote:
I see that my innocent photos have been censored, including some that still appear in previous posts. I would love to know why and by whom.

All these pictures are on Yahoo and Snopes, and most were originally published officially by the Obama campaign in 2008, the rest surreptitiously by the Clinton campaign the same year.

What a bunch of knee-jerk reactionaries!

You're knee jerking before you understand this forum doesn't have a moderator. It's probably something in snope's own site, or a filter put on long ago on this site in some way, dunno. But there are no moderators here. Why do you think the loons can go on and on indefinitely?

Jan 11, 2012, 21:37


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