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Who is Mitt Romney?!
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Re: Who is Mitt Romney?!

cyberpainter wrote:
And also, I did not actually call you an intolerant bigot, you added your own words to my quote. At least my quote mistake was in error, you added to my own words, which I'd appreciate it if you would not do.

If anyone other than us is following this conversation, it should be clear that was parenthetical clarification of your inference, which I was addressing in my reply.

cyberpainter wrote:
Oh, and what message did you glean from the graphic you posted here? I was referring to people who do not like and are not tolerant of people who are different than themselves.

That graphic is observation, not condemnation. The images were not faked. Your condescending sense of moral superiority, in my opinion, is derived from what you think it means, and what you think I think it means, and your conviction that what you think is valid, and what I think isn't.

I think that graphic is a wry observation of a few undeniable facts, likely to engender thoughtful reflection from various points of view. Several have been posted, some of which agree with you!

Here is one honest opinion of the graphic, from someone who thought the images were faked:

and0rod4 wrote:
i dont find it funny.

but its not un-funny.

is it famous?

Jan 12, 2012, 08:41


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