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Who is Mitt Romney?!
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Re: Who is Mitt Romney?!

cyberpainter wrote:
Snopes says they're of a late 50's pin up model Marcy Moore, so it's not a "fact", it's conjecture.

Disagreement with a fact does not render that fact conjecture. You may remember that I directed your attention to Snopes precisely because it features links to photos of Marcy Moore, which I indicated was inadvertent proof by Snopes that the pix of Obama's Mama were absolutely NOT of Marcy Moore! Obviously, you have not looked at any of the pix of Ann Dunham, nor of Marcy Moore.

Even if you are so willfully blind that you cannot discern the difference between Marcy's hairline, jawline, ears, eyes, eyebrows, etc. and Ann Dunham's, disregard all that! Look at the tits! Marcy Moore CANNOT be the same woman depicted in the other pix, who is Ann Dunham.

cyberpainter wrote:
There are lots of people with similar features. Especially beautiful people who have very balanced faces.

OK. Yeah. So? Undisputed. Stipulated! Facts! But in no way whatsoever does your recitation of the obvious change the fact that the two subjects, Ann Dunham, and Marcy Moore, are NOT the same person! Not at all. You obviously stopped at Snopes' claim and ate it up with a spoon, without looking for yourself.

cyberpainter wrote:
The sites that dispute it, and say they're of Obama's mother show these grainy photos of Moore which don't look like her, to dispute it, and I find their explanation and crappy examples far from conclusive.

Really? What sites? Which sites? Once again, that is precisely why I directed you to Snopes whose links are to pix of excellent, crisp, black & white publicity stills, with sharp resolution. Look for yourself! See! Learn!

cyberpainter wrote:
It's just another Obama smear. Now getting airplay on Stereolab's board. Aren't we lucky?

Well, you're not making much of your great good fortune, since you simply will not look.

I have begun to perceive that you are an Obama fan, willing to disbelieve her own eyes, whose prejudices must be preserved at all costs. You apparently mistake me to be one of those whom you categorize as "anti-Obama!" What a hollow, shallow, superficial (and mistaken) assessment.

cyberpainter wrote:
You should start using the word "opinion" rather than "fact" for your claims.

I am fairly fastidious about distinguishing my opinions and conclusions from facts. As I have said elsewhere in this Forum, a fact is a fact but not knowledge, knowledge is knowledge but not understanding, mere understanding is not wisdom.

Perfectly all right to see and disagree, but none is so blind as she who will not see.

Jan 13, 2012, 09:19


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