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I am selling 3 Stereolab 7" singles
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Re: I am selling 3 Stereolab 7

cyberpainter wrote:

Very nice of you to offer to sell here first. I don't collect vinyl, but I'm sure tempted to start sometimes. You must have quite an extensive collection if you had these as extras!

Thanks cyber, you understand the spirit of this initiative!
If I have to be completely honest with you I would not recommend starting a collection.
It is a beautiful thing but it is equally frustrating and certainly an expensive habit.
It is like a compulsive need!
If you don't feel that need so strongly please don't start before it's too late ! :-)
But yes, at least I can definitely say that I have an extensive collection.
I have decided to sell the tour single because I had bought 2 at the time, the Soi-Disant split because I also own the blue vinyl version and the Faust split because I found a second copy cheap at a record fair a few years ago.
It's all very transparent even if slushy doesn't seem to see it that way.

May 20, 2012, 23:08


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