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I am selling 3 Stereolab 7" singles
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Re: I am selling 3 Stereolab 7

s_lush_s wrote:
Well you don't have to gang up on me. I wanted to buy these. But you had lied about your gender. and I had no return policy. I DO collect Stereolab vinyl , not extensively as you, yet. If you had been honest all along I would have felt confident to buy from you. Plus, my money is no good, I just had it printed up at Kinko's.

I don't know whether you are just a nut case or whether you get a thrill out of winding people up.
Or maybe you are just confusing me with somebody else. But you will not find a more sincere person here.
All I know is that you have been wasting my time.
Of all people here it had to be you to "show" luck!
Maybe it is better this way. Who knows what other crazy stuff you would have pulled during the transaction.
I showed this post to my girldriend yesterday and she was shocked! She asked me why I bothered for so long as it was obvious to her that you were not genuinely interested and, above all, crazy.
Never again.

May 22, 2012, 12:12


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