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Yay Obama, finally!
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Re: Yay Obama, finally!

Hr 347 did you read it? It means that you cannot be at a function where the president is, any president, at any function ie. baseball game, etc. and hold up any type of anti-that president protest sign or you would face 1-10 yrs in jail.
It also states that the president by memorandum, just because he feels like it (ie. Cindy Sheehan) can also imprison you under this new law which has been passed.
So, since he passed this evil and unconstitutional law he had to "come out" with some redeeming diversion the next day and it looks like he's been successful. but do yourself some research on HR 347. You'll find it on moderate, left, and right sites.

May 13, 2012, 17:33


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