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Yay Obama, finally!
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Re: Yay Obama, finally!

s_lush_s wrote:
You are really making a fool of yourself comparing yourself to him. And I know it makes you angry, it is sometimes frustrating to me being with a man speaking 8 (?) languages at once. Yes, you are correct...he is tutoring me in computing but I announced the other day my interest in mathematics studies, then chemistry. I study biology and latin as a hobby. and then he got me interested in Yiddish. then there's English and French. The occasional German. Carnese. and then my things I need to do so I'm not exactly sitting around with my thumb up my ass thinking , "Gee what can a PC do?," it's ask an expert , "Show me how a PC do it , when you've got a minute from your hectic schedule on a Saturday or a Sunday." But I had to find an unbiased article to present here, ie. not Fox New. I could point you to Occupy New Hampshire but I thought that was too biased.

I knew it. I am in no way a fool, nor would I have the slightest interest in comparing myself to psi phi.

And I did not mean to imply that you couldn't learn the simple code for imbedding a link, only that you hadn't yet done that. You have so many personalities on this board, but if someone was being you, that would be another story. If it was without your permission, that would be very bogus, which was my point.

Getting back to the topic, yay Obama, it was a historic day.

May 14, 2012, 07:32


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