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GaryB wrote:
revox wrote:
I agree, monster, monster. Do you know, has Weatherall's mix got the vox in too?


I've not heard it yet. Its not arrived yet :(

It's on itunes - 79p for 8+ minutes!

Nah, nice thought, but 79p for something that may have the same effect on me as Vogon poetry did on Ford and Arthur is waaaay too much. But then, you being north o' the border, the Fu*k Buttons vocals are the kind of thing you'd be familiar with in the street on a Sat'day neet at heeven' oot time, wouldn't they? ;-))

Waddya reckon to Rab C's return to the screens? Amused or offended?

Oh, (slaps wrist for going OT) - now playing ILikeTrains - The Christmas Tree Ship.


Feb 19, 2009, 23:39


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