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Re: Now Playing

revox wrote:
Mu Mu wrote:
That doesn't always work though, sometimes the latest reply is buried in the threads somewhere. The design needs improvement.

Mm. Not really. The top part contains the direct 'Replies' section to the OP: this is the best way to directly respond to the OT, in this case, 'Now Playing'. The latest 'Posts' are at the bottom.

The fastest way to post what it is that you are 'Now Playing' is to start at page 1 of the OP's topic, then click on 'Reply'. In this case it's Mars Rover *bow wow* that made the post; just reply (without quote), simple.

My response to cyberpainter, whose post was a 'response' to killashandra - but it wasn't really a response to killashandra, was it, it was just seen as the quickest way to post what cyberpainter was playing right now (talk about a piggyback) - is to be found in the 'Topic Outline' at the bottom. This is because my response is not in direct reply to Mars Rover *bow wow*, it is to cyberpainter.

The lower part is purely the Topic Outline and that is in date and time order with the most recent at the bottom - it works fine, it's designed fine. The real MAJOR problem that still exists is that one that I pointed out at Christmas, in the NEWS section. Click on Older News, no probs, however, click on Newer news and it's TARDIS city man, one keeps going back... now that needs fixing.


The topic outline doesn't appear to be in date and time order. It depends on who you're responding to doesn't it? I think a solution would be to do what was suggested long ago which is in flat mode, to have the last page available, not such a limited range of pages to click on.

Apr 08, 2009, 02:51


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