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Re: Atheism

Just to cut to the chase, when you die your are dead meat. There is no hereafter. The whole concept of God was to give hope to those who can't deal with death rest easy, in death you go to another plane of life.

What bugs me about the term Atheism is those who say if you are an Atheist then you don't believe in anything. It is not so black and white. One can believe in what is real, that is, love with your S.O., your friends and kindness to strangers. Compassion is real. Heaven or hell is not real as actual places or 4th dimensional realms. Heaven and Hell are conditions, moods, mental hideaways where we all go, usually temporarily. Nothing profound tonight. But it was good to get that out. We don't admit this in our real lives. It just doesn't jive with family and the work place.

Jun 19, 2012, 06:45


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