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Mars Rover
Mars Rover
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Re: Atheism

cyberpainter wrote:
Mars Rover wrote:
and to quote my favorite philosopher:

"If a voice from the clouds suddenly addressed me, speaking my name in trombone tones, or some angel suddenly addressed me in an aura of blue flame came floating toward me...I think I would be more embarrassed than frightened --frightened by the vulgarity of such a display. That is what depresses me about the mysticism of Carlos Castaneda and his like: their poverty of imagination. As any honest magician knows, true magic inheres in the ordinary, the commonplace, the everyday, the mystery of the obvious. Only petty minds and trivial souls yearn for supernatural events, incapable of perceiving that everything --everything! --within and around them is pure miracle." Ed Abbey

Being at one with nature is a miracle. However why can't imagination encompass more fanciful ideas as well as the ordinary natural world? I'm an agnostic, and I disagree with this quote in that way.

of course imagination can, but i think you're thinking of what he said in the wrong context. he's just taking a shot at the people who think of god in this cliche supernatural form. he was a fiction writer as well as a non fiction writer, so of course he believes in imagination.

Jun 19, 2012, 20:43


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