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Re: Atheism

The Greatest wrote:
Kazak wrote:
Why does one need God in this sense? I really want to know, it's superfluous. What's wrong with the universe itself? Also, what tangible thing would lead an intellectually honest person to this belief? Occam's razor...

Let me start by saying I'm completely fine with atheists and atheism, as long as they are not hateful and reactionary. The same goes for Christians.

Ritual is powerful and transformative, and so is myth, because it touches our experience on a deep level and is universally true. Also, there are very real spiritual energies that can be experienced through sacraments. One doesn't "need" God because one is a god, in my opinion. Not THE God, but in God, and created in his likeness and iamge.

If you want to live a good life and not talk about God or believe in God, I still believe you are "saved." Not that there is actually anything to be saved from except ignorance.

For me, belief in God is an acknowledgement that what I see is not all there is. I am only one person with a limited perspective and consciousness. God is all consciousness.

For the record, I too participate in ritual self-sacrifice. I too experience reverent awe and wonder at the mystery of nature, of the totality of existence. I just don't claim it know its name.

Jun 20, 2012, 15:55


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