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Re: Atheism

A local atheist writer died the other day . He died of a stroke. He wrote a self aggrandizing soliloquy and his only offering for an epitaph "He was here; We knew it." Yeah, he made fun of people who believe in heaven in his statement.

I believe we experience another dimension yes, the body, compost for the earth, but, I've been pondering these things. Reincarnation, outer space,another dimension. I believe there are some people that become bionic and never die. It's true!
There's a reason that this heaven theory persists and that's because people have died, experienced the dimension and been resuscitated.

* an interesting footnote (no pun) the expression "for whom the bell tolls" does not signify death but resuscitation. Years ago, people were so afraid of being buried alive that there were "morgues" where attendants would tie bells to the toe of the "dead". So you'd lie there with a bunch of other stiffs for about a week and if your bells started ringing. Guess what? You had to pay the doctor! No, silly, you went home. True story.

And I believe in evolution and of course with microbiology we've been able to accumulate more data that isn't contrary to Darwin's theories. But my mind is open to other theories of evolution. Maybe we're aliens? Maybe we're robots. Hot hot robot

Jun 20, 2012, 19:06


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