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Re: Atheism

hito wrote:
Kazak wrote:
calapia wrote:
jauntymonty wrote:
Just to cut to the chase, when you die your are dead meat. There is no hereafter. The whole concept of God was to give hope to those who can't deal with death rest easy, in death you go to another plane of life.

I'm sorry - and what is your proof of this? Please don't mistake me as religious, but if you are an atheist, and "believe" in what you say, and mock religious people for believing in a hereafter, what proof do YOU have that this is what happens after death? Isn't the disturbing truth that we don't know with any certainty what happens after death?

To me, the proof lies in understanding that the effect we call our conscience is the result of the material neural networks that reside in each of our respective brains. Once the neural networks that results in the effect we collectively call "Kazak" inevitably decays, what will produce and sustain my conscience?

Sounds like faith to me. I have heard many religious people use the same logic as yours. "What will produce and sustain my conscience but God?"

Heh, I just tackled this on another forum. It IS faith, and my faith is immense. Any and all belief is based on faith. The difference is, my faith is based on the scientific method, not on Bronze Age mythology. Is it wrong? Can you answer the question I posed? Will a spirit neural network produce my conscience? I'm going to need a neural network, we can agree?

Jun 22, 2012, 08:00


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