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The Greatest
The Greatest
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Re: Atheism

hito wrote:
The Greatest wrote:
Kazak wrote:
(Sorry, about the dupe thread, actually sort of wanted to discuss this...)

The problem is, theism doesn't exactly jive with evolution, yes? Well, hell, neither does non-geocentrism! If one loses theism, or never has it, what is one left with? But, it is!

(I, personally, do not think theism and religion are mutually exclusive.)

There are other ways of believing in God besides theism. One is called panentheism, and this is the way of believing that allows for evolution. It is the belief that people and the universe are in God and God is in them, but that God is also more than everything in the universe.

Sort of like when you take some ocean water and put it in a cup. The ocean is in the cup, but the cup does not contain the ocean.

Panteism is theism. It is not an alternative. Pantheism has no more validity than monotheism in that they both rely on superstition. Both pantheism and theism are perfectly compatible with evolution, just not Old Testament style fundamentalist Christianity.

I'm not talking about pantheism. I'm talking about panentheism. And it is different than supernatural theism (man in the sky), which is probably what Kazak means when he says "theism." Each kind of theism is an alternative to the others. You can't lump them together. They mean totally different things.

Jun 25, 2012, 04:15


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