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Re: Atheism

Mars Rover wrote:

"There is no proof that there isn't a god." jesus i hate that argument. theists are the ones claiming something exists and is theirs to prove, not ours to disprove.

You misunderstand. I am not suggesting that you have to disprove anything. What I am saying is that you cannot disprove the theory that there is a god. You can come up with good arguments to believe there is no god but it cannot be proven there isn't a god given the flimsy foundations upon which a belief in god is founded.

I do have an issue with atheists suggesting that they know for certain that there isn't a god. This strident claim is arrogant and simply not deductively valid. What atheists claim to KNOW is simply not knowledge, just as what theists claim to KNOW is not knowledge.

Jun 26, 2012, 02:25


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