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Re: Atheism

Kazak wrote:

Heh, I just tackled this on another forum. It IS faith, and my faith is immense. Any and all belief is based on faith. The difference is, my faith is based on the scientific method, not on Bronze Age mythology. Is it wrong? Can you answer the question I posed? Will a spirit neural network produce my conscience? I'm going to need a neural network, we can agree?

I don't dispute your right to believe in science but as long as you agree it is faith, you have no power of logic over theistic faith. The scientific method can explain your birth and death just like theism can. You posit that somehow science can justify the death of you as a mortal is the end of you as an entity but I fail to see how this is deductively valid. If you suggest that a neural network is required to exist as an entity I would ask you how you know this?
The fact that your mortal self begins and ends with one is in no way grounds to suggest that the afterlife would require such a device. The appearance of Lee Majors on my TV depends upon me turning it on but the existence of Lee Majors is not dependent on my TV. Thus, in this life you may require a neural network but there is no proof that this would be required in the afterlife.
Furthermore, even if you demand to have a neural network as a necessary condition of living in the afterlife (an absurd and flimsy claim given that you have absolutely no knowledge of the conditions of existence in this afterlife) a theist may argue that god takes over the powering of your neural network. At the death of your body, the power is switched from DC to AD.

Jun 26, 2012, 04:47


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