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Mars Rover
Mars Rover
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Re: Atheism

hito wrote:
Well, he can say that there but much of his language in the past has been extremely strident. Calling a book the "god delusion" is a start. He has also allowed himself to be called an atheist repeatedly and this is the first time I have heard him challenge that label. Of course, he may be agnostic as he claims so that is up to him.

But there are atheists out there and there are atheists who claim to know that they are correct. I apologise to Dawkins and his agnostic followers if I have misrepresented them.

whats wrong with being strident? he would never have gotten his views out there if he was namby-pamby about them. he named his book "god delusion" because he knew it would get attention. nobody would read him if he called his book "i kinda think god doesn't exist, sorry if i offend anybody." he's firm in his views and he expresses them eloquently like many revolutionaries have in the past. thats how change happens through time. as for "allowing" himself to be called an atheist- he calls himself that. the 6.9 quote is something, if not in those exact words, i've heard him say a lot. he doesn't claim to be agnostic. he has a whole chapter about that in god delusion.

Jun 26, 2012, 05:08


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