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Re: Atheism

hito wrote:
Kazak wrote:
Yes, your arguments have been extremely convincing. *sigh*

You know you are on the losing side when rael comes out in support of you with teenage internet taunts.

The thing is, Kazak, you are only attacking me because you have an alliance with certain people. You cannot logically criticise me as a person for arguing against you or Mars as it was just a debate. You cannot logically support Mars attacking me for continuing a debate that he himself was happy to continue (and still is). I have done nothing wrong so don't criticise me.

I like how hito refers to others as "teenage" while using alternate names as an insult in the same breath, but only after taunting and belittling another poster by comparing them to a child to hito's parent. It's all part of hito's typical MO-subtle insults and putdowns, only to act like he's above it all.

It's been pretty peaceful on the forum lately, it must have been driving hito crazy, he must have been chomping at the bit to reveal his true nature. It wasn't that long ago that he compared me to a serial killer, of children no less, for starting a "negative parody thread." It was only a matter of time before hito broke...

Good ol' hito, welcome back!

Jun 29, 2012, 07:49


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