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Re: Atheism

Yawn. Your summation of my analogy demonstrates your inability to comprehend even the most simple logic. Comparisons and analogies are not the same thing. And it helps if you can construct a sentence where the the nouns and verbs agree.

Your only contribution to this thread has been to attack me. Not one opinion about the topic. And yet you have the audacity to accuse me of being negative.

This is your MO.
You act cruel in other threads, get the spotlight shone on your malice then raise it in another thread where you disingenuously claim some kind of saintly demeanour.

So you are upset about being compared to John Wayne Gacy because he killed children? Would it be preferable if he had killed adults? Would you accept the comparison then? The fact is that in that thread you joined it to attack BOTE for simply raising a topic. Now you join this thread just to attack me. If you don't like the Gacy reference, don't just come in swinging corpses. Debate the topic.

I notice your alter-ego has come in to back you up too.

The fact is, you hate yourself and take it out on others. You get away with it because you have created a range of names for yourself (rael; stop boo hooing about me calling you this, you came up with the name, cheeso, squirrel, cyberpainter) and you use them as a chorus. It's been pretty peaceful on the forum lately, it must have been driving you crazy, you must have been chomping at the bit to reveal your true nature.

Jun 29, 2012, 16:11


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