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Re: Atheism

revox wrote:
hito wrote:
revox wrote:
hito wrote:
I was certainly enjoying the discussion and felt slighted when you said you couldn't be bothered and your ellipses perhaps suggested something that you didn't intend.

The word is ELLIPSIS.


The plural is ellipses 8^|

That is correct. However, there isn't one example of an ellipsis in that post. The nearest to there being one is that found within the parentheses. The other marks could be said to represent pauses, as opposed to omissions of text or thought, because there is no space either side of the marks. No space, no ellipsis - nor ellipses.


In that case, you're initial correction is somewhat pointless.

But I think you will find that an ellipsis can be used as an omission of ideas or to represent pauses. English is pretty fluid and usage is constantly changing so I think it is safe to say that his "..." were ellipses.

Jul 24, 2012, 14:43


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