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Thoughts on Silencio?
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Re: Thoughts on Silencio?

I was pleasantly surprised from the first time I listened to it a few days ago. It seems more fully realized than The Trip, which I love, but always felt a bit unfinished to me. My one criticism is that I wish she’d draw out her words more in a couple songs. Laetitia’s voice sounds the best when it has space to breath and isn’t hurried. All and all, I think it’s a brilliant album. Song-specific thoughts:

The Rule of the Game – the opening wordless vocals remind me of Morricone. This one is really growing on me.

Find me the Pulse…. – totally love this track. As others have pointed out, it sounds very Stereolab-esque so of course I love it. It’s been stuck in my head since I bought it off iTunes a month ago. I totally thought Tim Gane wrote this song.

Silent Spot – the 1:00-1:15 sounds….I want more of them! A whole song of just that! Short, spacey, lovely.

Auscultation to the Nation – I think I would like this song a lot more if the lyrics were different. I’m sort of with those who aren’t as fond of the political stuff. The rhythm are energy are great nonetheless.

There is a Price…. – I love how she sings in this song THE MOST. The moment where she sings “a reflection in merchandiiiiiise” is euphoric. This song reminds me a lot of Monstre Cosmic which I still consider her masterpiece.

Moi Sans Zach – sort of a simple, samba interlude. I was happy to hear the French lyrics. It feels like a sunny, lazy summer afternoon.

Between Earth and Heaven – I feel the same about this as I do with “Auscultation.” Love the bones, but struggle slightly with the lyrics.

Lightnight Thunderbolt – Another one that reminds me of Monstre Cosmic (in a great way). A nighttime song. There was a video on YouTube briefly for this. Swirling images, Laetitia dancing.

Fragment pour… - this is the track that will grab most everyone. There’s funk, layers, drums…..god, she sounds great. I totally hear 80’s R&B in this song.

Merci de…. – I keep hearing the theme song to Days of Our Lives in this! There’s something slightly menacing about this song. The 2nd half is sublime. Totally a Stereolabby transition and upswing. Love it.

Next Time You See Me – It makes me think of Tim and Laetitia as friends. That’s a great thing. So cool he wrote this for her. I hope we see them together again.

Invitation au Silence – So haunting! I instantly heard old Brigitte Fontaine. I love the duality of the French/English lyrics. A voice, a whisper. The lyrics are really striking. I stayed up late listening to this over and over by myself the other night. With each listen it became more powerful.

Jul 12, 2012, 00:30


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