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Thoughts on Silencio?
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Re: Thoughts on Silencio?

flatironsteak wrote:
I wish "Auscultation" has no lyric.. that song is perhaps the worst ever by Laetitia...musically nothing special for her, and lyrically naive and awkward..

It's very matter of fact, not poetic. However that's not really all that unusual for her. The tone of it and the contrast between the boppy happy melody and the deceptively simple political lyrics is really quite unusual in the musical realm these days, but was never unusual for Stereolab. I say deceptively simple because being that specific politically is just not done all that often in today's corporate musical climate. And the end is purposefully abrasive. I don't see one thing wrong with artist expressing any thoughts that come into their heads (I'm not saying I'm disagreeing with you, it does seem awkward a bit.) But sometimes she's subtle, sometimes hits you over the head. Not my favorite song, but I think she was purposeful in what she did there.

Jul 17, 2012, 05:35


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