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Thoughts on Silencio?
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The Greatest
The Greatest
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Re: Thoughts on Silencio?

cyberpainter wrote:
The Greatest wrote:

I'm waiting until it comes out...but I don't know what format to buy. The only Laetitia I have on LP is La Piscine...I don't want to buy the vinyl if there is no download code. But the CD is only three dollars cheaper than the vinyl, and rather expensive: $18.97, I believe. In comparison, the new Cat Power is $9.99.

I wonder what the price will be in the local store.

I went with the 14 dollar CD from Drag City. My guess is the stores will mark the CD up a couple of dollars. I would expect to see it for 15.99.

I'm just kind of wary buying new vinyl. The standards for manufacturing it are much lower these days. I have a friend in a band who sent the test pressings for his album back like three times because of defects.

Jul 19, 2012, 17:00


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