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Thoughts on Silencio?
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Eddie Chargeman
Eddie Chargeman
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Re: Thoughts on Silencio?

The song that effects me most is There Is A Price to Pay For Freedom (And It Isn't Security) because it intrigues me, it's becoming a mantra. I find it political and I like the tension of it and I find it a nice break from the tense Auscultation to the Nation. I enjoy the lyrics to that song, very well, good questions to ask and the closing lyric is well I kind of disagree with that because a real democracy is the G20- lynch mob- with citizens on the wrong end of the rope. ah, who knows why not give a real democracy a try? Fragment Pour Le Future De L'Homme is a good "jam". Merci De M'avoir Donne' La Vie makes me sad. Next Time You See Me reminds me of the Groop in the lyrics, mostly, and I like it. Between The Heaven and Earth- I like the lyrics "The roots of the dark mirror; Revealing the way deeper deeper; Feetin the Earth; Drawing closer; You can stay but travel; Like the branches of a tree." That's really pleasant imagery to me that conveys the density of that early childhood mirror gazing discovery. And I like The Rule of the Game and Invitation to Silence, and Find Me In the Pulse of the Universe.

But I must say that it was ...Freedom...that is currently what I'm frontal about. Is it an insight into Laetitia or the collective experience of modern society or maybe an age old dilemma. I think I "get" it and it has me questioning myself.

Lightning Thunderbolt is a nice song that I can relate with.

I just like the Even the title has me wondering what the Price is for Freedom (And It Isn't Security) is? What's the price quantitatively or what is she implying?


Jul 31, 2012, 07:47


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