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"There are plenty of guns in Canada and yet the annual gun murder count in Canada is around 200 deaths."
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JS wrote:
s_lush_s wrote:
Michael Moore is not my friend. I'm sure his bodyguard packs heat. If Michael Moore loves Canada so much why doesn't he scoot his mooseface to Sasketchewan. I think Canada is lovely, been there, would love to go again. There are plenty of guns in Switzerland, in fact it's a law to own one.
I guess my point was that America has become a police state (and probably Canada, too) and there's a New World Order. It didn't really have anything to do with Michael Moore accept he ignited the sentiment.

If all the good Americans were to move to Canada, who will be left in the USA? Fundamentalist christians, trigger happy morons? Do you want the USA to become even more theocratic and war-mongering? For the good of your country, you better not wish for your smartest citizens to move up north.

George Carlin use to joke about these prehistoric jackholes killing each other off. So maybe there's hope yet.

Jul 27, 2012, 19:58