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"There are plenty of guns in Canada and yet the annual gun murder count in Canada is around 200 deaths."
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The U.S.A. is under the control of a demonic principality, this is why the government of that country commit so many atrocities against other countries and it is done in the name of democracy and the "greater good" it is simply self righteousness and greed mixed with paranoia that drives the U.S.A. authorities to behave in such an awful way against other nations.
Most of the rest of the world are not at all impressed by American interference in other countries affairs, this is why America is an unpopular country in so many peoples minds around the world.
The average American man or woman is not to blame for this behaviour as they are brainwashed very early on by swearing allegiance to a flag and ideology and are then exposed to constant propaganda about how great their country is via the media with it's democratic ideal, of course the vast majority of folks around the world and a fair few in America itself can see it's nothing but a smokescreen and a lie.
All countries that build empires have used lies to further their cause and America is no exception to this, the only difference is that the U.S.A. denies that it's an empire builder and uses all kinds of daft excuses to carry on behaving terribly in other peoples countries.
All empires eventually fall and America is no exception to this rule, I believe we are seeing the beginning of the end of the American empire, who will be the next major empire builders in the world?, maybe China.
Anyway, all the violence and madness that is clearly visible within America's own borders is largely due to the paradox of being told your country is doing good things around the world when it clearly isn't, this would do anyone's head in and has the potential to drive you mad.
I have a few American friends and I love them very much as people, it's because they don't identify themselves with the American governments ideology and realize that they are just people the same as everyone else, there's only one world and only one human race, who cares if you're American, French, Iraqi, Chinese, Indian or even English? we're all the same underneath.
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Jul 29, 2012, 01:02