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20 worst bands ever
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Re: 20 worst bands ever

I agree.

It is pretty easy to write this kind of stuff where every band sucks:
Stereolab pretentiously plagiarise seventies artists whilst snoozing at a cocktail bar…
Hendrix histrionically seeking the attention of a bunch of muddy hippies who would later grow to be bankers…
Beck tries so hard to be eclectic that he kidnapped Prince and recorded Midnite Vultures…
Robert Johnson was just one of the many bored, unemployed, African American guitarists trying to draw white people into his boring, unemployed African American guitarist life…

Just pick something questionable about an artist, a lyric, their fans. After all, nothing is above criticism.

And as already mentioned, saying that the spin doctors suck is easy. You could throw in Lenny Kravitz, Stone Temple Pilots, those guys who did “who let the dogs out”, those guys who "You got the music in you / dreamers disease", Kajagoogoo, Bucks Fizz and the like and nobody is going to care or reward your ability to tear up a wet tissue.

Aug 27, 2012, 23:18


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