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20 worst bands ever
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Re: 20 worst bands ever

cyberpainter wrote:
hito wrote:
"Band X has a most annoying name and their sound isn't far behind. The group's magnum crapus, Album A, is a collection of sonic refuse cobbled into atonal melodies and rhythms that fail to approximate tunefulness. That the album won the 2011 Pazz and Jop awards is a testament to the emperor has no clothes phenomenon that continues to afflict music writing"

I think this is an example of what is not funny. It could be about anyone or anything. Other than a few plays with font, the "review" is just a smear without substance. Magnum Crapus?

"Where Journey was a hit factory, The Beatles are the sweatshop equivalent, churning out shoddy products full of lead paint. "Strawberry Fields" is no "Pinball Wizard"; "All you need is love" will make you wish you didn't; "Hello Goodbye" will hopefully be goodbye; "What goes on" is not about fellatio; "Revolution" is not that; "Dr Robert," will send you to the doctor. "Here comes the sun"? Maybe, but if you've got The Beatles on the playlist, it won't be coming up."

This is just wordplay. Whether you like Foreigner or not, they had plenty of hits that people still like. Their "review" is just lame

Of course it's just wordplay. But it was a wee bit more interesting than your examples here, just a tad. I am not fond of worst of lists myself, or best of lists for that matter...

Clearly it is more interesting than mine but I wasn't suggesting that my five minute cloze exercise effort was art. I simply did it to make a point about how juxtaposing song titles with insults was lame. Somebody spent a significant amount of time on this "demolition" of Foreigner and probably got paid for it.
The same with Tuneyards; the writer offered no insight into the music. They as well have written "I hate Tuneyards and I am right"

Aug 28, 2012, 14:22


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