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20 worst bands ever
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Re: 20 worst bands ever

I don't know how old Mr Pell is but he seems to have a warped view of history

18. Courtney Love
We get it -- she hasn't aged well. Still, back in the '90s she was setting trends with baby doll dresses and plastic bow barrettes in her hair. There's something about her raw, natural looks that appeal to a certain kind of man: The type of man who prefers a little sag in the breast to the plasticine perfection of silicone. The type of man who finds acne to be a little sexy and stretch marks to be battle scars. Not to mention the fact that there's always something more than a little sexy about a woman who's totally crazy. Oh, and she was a stripper. -Nicholas Pell

Setting trends with baby doll dresses? Only a few years after everyone else. And doesn't she have breast implants?

And this

7. Madonna
When it comes to sex, Madonna literally wrote the book. Flip through 1992 S&M coffee table tome Sex to remember just how provocative the Queen of Pop can be.

Again, those too young may think that Sex was provocative but I seem to remember it being a bit of a yawn in the way that the onion portrayed Marilyn Manson,459/

As for the men; Rollins? He exudes celibacy

Aug 29, 2012, 14:28


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