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20 worst bands ever
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Mars Rover
Mars Rover
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Re: 20 worst bands ever

Archigram wrote:
I totally agree with the "hipster" bands list. Dead on, actually. Many of these bands seem to have members who like to whine and moan like the world is so dead interested in their vapid, "literate" lyrics, while they walk around wearing Beatles boots, top-hats and dank old thrift-store velvet jackets or whatever while playing accordions and steam powered organs. Being a grouchy old man I can really get behind the criticism on the list. Where was Sufjan Stevens on that list? He seems to fit the bill, but I guess he's not popular these days? Joanne Newsom?

The "regular" worst-of list is strange and jumbled, but there are worthy participants, for sure. I mean, Hootie and Dave Matthews are typical (no brainers), but putting Animal Collective next to The Eagles is weird, but fuck it, I don't care for either. Do that many people listen to LCD Soundsystem? I would have expected them/him to be on the "hipster" list, no?

And yes, Tommy Boy is a classic!! Chris Farley was amazing.

could not agree more :) i was tricked into buying a sufjan album many years a cute hipster girl (was it illinois?) i thought it was god awful on first listen. never put it on again.

and tommy boy is a classic, of course.

Aug 30, 2012, 23:27


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