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20 worst bands ever
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Mars Rover
Mars Rover
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Re: 20 worst bands ever

Stereo Mouse wrote:
Bon Iver - hmmm, according to music critic Simon Reynolds, this whole "neo-soft-rock" music like Bon Iver is quite a trend in current indie music. And this comes from the person who has written a book about "Retromania". How people just rehash the past music styles nowadays and no movement forward, nothing radical appears to happen anymore. Now Reynolds does appear to be a bit too elitist himself, but damned if this hipster retromania thing does appear a bit too much of a "style over substance" problem. I like some kind of indie-folk type of things, but not when it becomes trendy and too palatable for mass tastes. I'm more into music with quirks and weirdness. I like the saying: 10 per cent of the musicians are really creative whereas 90 per cent are only copying.

feel fairly similarly. i've actually only heard a couple bon iver songs, and they really didn't move me either positively or negatively. but the overall point resonates for me. i've been saying for a while that modern music is mostly stale and swimming in place. i'm stuggling to find any new music that has pushed the envelope in the 2000's. the styles and approaches have remained fairly stagnant since 2000ish. i haven't kept up on new releases as i have in the past because the more and more i dig for something fresh, i keep ending up where i began.

Aug 31, 2012, 03:22


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