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Woody Allen
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Re: Woody Allen

Left Boob Oscillator wrote:
cyberpainter wrote:
Well you're entitled to your opinion, but I completely disagree. Procreation might be one reason, but most often, the much older man does not want the young woman for that reason. It's in our history of films, media of all sorts, and society's perception of the ideal woman. That's the preoccupation. As opposed to an older woman who is not seen as physically desirable. It's called a double standard, and it still exists.

Whether or not a couple with a huge distance in age is a good idea is besides the point. There are rational reasons why one might not choose someone too far out of your age range. Just thinking ahead 20-30 years down the road can influence many people's decisions about that. But the difference in how the older woman with younger man are looked at by society still is not the same as the other way around.

Again, you are entitled to YOUR opinion, but I think men are probably unconsciously attracted to the baby-makers whether they actually want babies or not--not to mention that society encourages unions where baby-making is possible. It's natural and instinctual. It's not some overblown conspiracy.

And I think that we should choose our partners based on love, not rational reasons.

Saying they just unconsciously are attracted to baby makers, just doesn't wash in my opinion. There's just way too much porn in the world for that argument to have much validity. And it's besides the point anyway, it's the perception that it's ok for men, but not for women that is the reason for my argument. It's not a conspiracy, it's a societal problem with perception and an ingrained sexism that hasn't completely been overcome yet. I just don't like the double standard giving men a green light and older women a red light to dating someone much younger. Older women still have to deal with some sexism and stereotypes in our society.

Feb 11, 2009, 17:24


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