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Woody Allen
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Re: Woody Allen

cyberpainter wrote:
There's just way too much porn in the world for that argument to have much validity. And it's besides the point anyway, it's the perception that it's ok for men, but not for women that is the reason for my argument. It's not a conspiracy, it's a societal problem with perception and an ingrained sexism that hasn't completely been overcome yet. I just don't like the double standard giving men a green light and older women a red light to dating someone much younger. Older women still have to deal with some sexism and stereotypes in our society.

i hate to say it but i've watched my good share of 'adult entertainment' and i don't think it's besides the point at all. i believe that it has a lot more cultural sway than anyone in the west is willing to admit -- it's a multi-billion dollar industry because a good many of us pay to watch it but none of us will admit it!

the reason i mention this because of the phenomenon which has been growing within it over the course of the last few years. the whole concept of the 'MILF' speaks to a cultural shift that's now happening. a huge niche has opened up for older women in that industry -- it's no longer considered weird or freakish. say what you will about porn but it is making young men more open to the idea of being with older women. yes, it's a crude tool with which to open the doors of perception a little more but maybe now that it is, perhaps we'll start to see some real changes in that area...

Feb 11, 2009, 21:14


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