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Woody Allen
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Re: Woody Allen

Left Boob Oscillator wrote:
cyberpainter wrote:

Saying they just unconsciously are attracted to baby makers, just doesn't wash in my opinion. There's just way too much porn in the world for that argument to have much validity. And it's besides the point anyway, it's the perception that it's ok for men, but not for women that is the reason for my argument. It's not a conspiracy, it's a societal problem with perception and an ingrained sexism that hasn't completely been overcome yet. I just don't like the double standard giving men a green light and older women a red light to dating someone much younger. Older women still have to deal with some sexism and stereotypes in our society.

There are adult magazines with pictures of older women in them, too. In fact, there are magazines for just about whatever you might like. So, I don't think that men are attracted to young women because they see them in magazines. For instance, if I liked older, fat women, I don't think I would change my mind because I saw lots of young, skinny ones in magazines. What we see doesn't change our innate preference. And the innate drive of mankind is to procreate.

I do think there is an unhealthy obsession with youth and being skinny in the fashion world, though, which leads to young women becoming anorexic. But that is a different topic.

It doesn't just lead to young women being anorexic or being too self conscious about the way they look, it also leads to unrealistic expectations by boys and men. They are not out of the equation, in being victims of this and also being responsible. We're all as a society responsible. In my opinion you can't just explain sexism away by some unconscious urge to procreate.

And no one can say the predominant porn is not about youth, of course it is. But you can find anything if you look. I really wish I hadn't mentioned porn, because the original topic, of older women not being treated equally isn't an issue with porn. Not too many older men in porn either. It's not the point I was making certainly. It's that our media and our societal expectations and taboos haven't changed enough to match reality. Or at least to be equal for older men and older women.

Feb 12, 2009, 17:07


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