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2012 Election Predictions?
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Re: 2012 Election Predictions?

Democracy is a bad idea.

Having popular people appoint judges, voting for people to run complicated systems like economies, having personal lifestyle choices voted on by others, these are all stupid ideas.

The fact is that around the world, major parties have become so alike because:

a) they have to appeal to idiotic swinging voters, these are people who change their vote based on what's in it for them: "I own a house, a rental property, three cars, send my kids to a private school but I'm poor and need a tax cut"

b) as a seemingly contradictory thesis, governments know how to run things and so they agree to feed the war machine, trash the environment, kill the poor and subsidise the rich.

I think they pander to the people in "a" because they generally work hard and keep the machine running without too many questions. Governments know that throwing money at poor people is a waste of time because they are on the whole, lazy, ignorant and unlikely to provide a high yield for the public money investment.

As much as I like the idea of putting money into government schools, public transport and public hospitals, the fact is that many (but of course, not all) poor "customers" of these institutions (so championed by wealthy educated left leaning people) treat the facilities like crap. They smash the bus stop, disrupt classes, eat unhealthy food by choice, destroy their brains with idiotic TV and booze, punch the cops and generally don't give a damn about the philosophy behind these benevolent organisations.

Governments (of both "sides", in many western democracies) see this too and pretend to care for the poor but know they are wasting their time, especially because they value short term profits from mass consumption.

The only way this will change is by other "experts" bringing in a different paradigm. This cannot happen in democracy because too many people are well-served by this current system. Those poor people actually get a house, fast food and electronic entertainment despite their poverty and desire to smash the public toilet that was made for them to use. The middle and rich get all that and more, with many uneducated people drawing large salaries as tradesmen and middle management. The rich have never been richer and many people are very rich by 19th C standards

Democracy isn't the best way to bring about gay rights, environmentally sustainable living, intelligent people, the elimination of crime through the decriminalisation of drugs and more. It may happen but very slowly and painfully.

I know I am simply espousing my view of what I want in the way that any dictator does but ultimately, we live under the dictatorship of the masses now. What you are ultimately voting for is what we have now with a few different side serves.

Nov 03, 2012, 12:23


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